V/O by Don Edward

Don Edward V/O Sample #1 (4:43)
“Chicago Hope” Promo – “Quicksand” nfomercial – “Mission Viejo Imports” commercial – “Mirella” Promo – “Kaiser HMO” commercial – “The Edge & Beyond” series open and segment narration (partial) – “The Velveteen Rabbit” audio tape (all voices – partial) – “Washington, D.C.” PSA – “Harvard Medical” series narration (partial)

Don Edward V/O Sample #2 (:52)
“ClickNKeep” short form infomercial

Don Edward V/O Sample #3 (1:28)
“Crisis Counselor” drama series presentation

Don Edward V/O Sample #4 (1:59)
“Roswell:The UFO UncoverUp..” (Prod/Dir, Chris ¬†Toussaint) theatrical documentary and video


“McCain’s Watch”/”Hanna”/Videos for Director Jeff Stemmel/”Internet Murder” (working title) voice of Murderer/”Uncovered: The Whole Truth about Iraq” – (Robert Greenwald, Dir) voice of NewsAnchor

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