Don Azars - Producer, Director, Editor, Writer

Don Azars - Producer, Director, Editor, Writer

dapTV (dapTV associates) activities have included programming for broadcast and cable networks, syndicated TV series, in-flight entertainment and specialized business & home distribution.

Over the years, such luminaries as Christopher Reeves, JoAnn Worley, Bryan Cranston, Bobby Sherman, Thom Thompson, Beau Bridges, Robert Osborne, Robert Culp, James Coburn, Eric Estrada, John Davidson, Bobby Burgess, Roberta Flack, Tony Dow, Mr. T, Shadoe Stevens, Michael Gross and others have worked with dapTV owner Don Azars.

Don has worked for 20th Century Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS, A&E, Playboy, Lifetime, Disney and several production companies, service as Executive Producer, Producer, Writer, Director, Editor, Production Executive and consultant.

Don Azars, formerly holding managerial and production positions at ABC Network and television stations in Boston, Baltimore, San Francisco and Chicago relocated to Los Angeles to delve into independent development & production. As time and technology progressed, his work expanded from broadcast to cable, home video, direct response and new formats & distribution methods. Post Production work too, enveloped his efforts to cutting edge work on A&E and Disney series and currently in non-linear focused efforts (see iEditVideo).

His award winning series “Crisis Counselor” was a ground breaking reality styled drama series, the first of its kind seen on a national network. The series featured many actors whose own careers have since vaulted them to national attention.

Born and raised in Washington, D.C., Don served in the US Army during the Viet Nam era, studied at University of Maryland, Westminster Choir College and Boston University.

Don is currently on staff for CBS TV Distributed series, “Inside Edition” while continuing to freelance as writer, editor, voiceover and other assignments.

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