Music: “TRUEBLOOD: Video Explosion”

Music Video created to match noted DJ’s remix of the TRUEBLOOD TV series theme.

Reality: “The Edge and Beyond”

Reality adventure series, featuring people performing extreme activities from freestyle climbing to kayaking, parachuting to deep sea diving, spelunking to power gliding and much much more. Series was narrated by Robert Culp and James Coburn. The series was syndicated t TV stations and seen as inflight entertainment.

Music: “Ground Zero”

By Canadian group “Thunder Pussy”, cast of “The Rehearsal Room”

Music: “Video Album #1″

A compilation of cool clips.

Reality: “Crisis Counselor”

First successful drama on basic cable network (CHN/Lifetime). Series used “reality” style production method; actors portraying family members improvised dialog based on provided character and story outline.

Magazine: “Fun In The Sun”

Series featured sports, fun, interviews and other Hawaii and other beach locations in a magazine format. Series was syndicated and featured as inflight entertainment.

Music: “Beauty And The Beast (Mashup)”

Angela Lansbury, Celine Dion & Jordan Sparks Mix.