Clients & Credits

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Richard Sherman presents MERRYGOROUND VNR Jack Stein/Andy Belling, Dir Editor
Freshcloz, wardrobe home cleaning Commercial Craig Nabat Editor
Yale University Visits Tanzania Documentary Yale University, Gamal Palmer, Director Editor
American Bass Association 2012 DVDs ABA Editor
Music Business in a Box Infomercial Producer: Ari Palitz
Insomnia Media Grp
Judy Garland Videos Concert/Lecture Tour Coyne Steven Sanders Editor
Smothers Brothers New DVD Arends/Smothers Efx Editor
Guess Who’s Coming for Dinner Drama Short Director: Marek Editor
The Rehearsal Room Comedy Pilot HL&B Productions Editor/Director
Terminal Feature Drama Director: Mark Wasserman Editor
MerryGoRound Stage Production Director: Andy Belling Editor
Ground Zero Music Video HL&B Productons Editor/Director
Close to You, Perfect w/Andrew Ash Music Videos ASH Music Editor/Director
Prism Lantern Commercial Synergy Marketing Group Editor
The Amazing Website Show Pilot TAWS llc Editor
Kuai Lulliby w/Andrew Belling Music Video Morbro Music Editor/Director
Guerilla TV Comedy Pilot Director: Kim Lombard Editor
CHESS Marketing Video RCA Records Editor
The MDM Collectors Club Infomercial Synergy Mktng Grp Editor/Director
ELVIS GOLD Video RCA Records Editor
Fun in the Sun Synd. Series CCR Video Editor/Director
The Edge and Beyond Cable Net Series CCR Video Editor/Dir/Prd
The Pritikin Project Home Video Mayer Media Editor/Dir/Prd


Sing Me A Story with Belle Net Series Disney Channel Post Supv
Hollywood Squares Synd. Series Orion Prod Supv
Games People Play Net Series NBC Coor Producer
Lifetime Medical Programming Net Series Mayer Media Producer